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ALMA Bonbons is a small chocolate and sweet manufacturer in Sędziejowice, near the city of Lodz in central Poland. Once we took over PHU Alma, which has produced sweets for 25 years, we were delighted with the diversity of high quality sweets produced here. Building on existing traditional recipes we have created new unique products,in which we use only the highest quality ingredients. Pralines and jellies get a new lease of life and we cover them with genuine high quality chocolate. For cocoa lovers we have prepared a variety of soft candies with nuts, coffee and additional tasty ingredients and we cover them with a luxurious chocolate coating.

We do not use gluten or gelatin in any of our products, replacing it with agar which is vegetable based. As a small and growing company we are flexible and able to react quickly and can prepare orders unique to your individual needs. We are experts in our field, passionate about sweets and chocolates in particular. We are innovative and have a deep desire to create unusual and tantalising sweets, to be shared with family and friends.